MDI3 NEMA 14 Programmable Motion Control IP20

MDI3 NEMA 14 with

  • Motion Control (RS485)
  • CANopen
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MDrive Plus NEMA size 14 (36 mm) Programmable Motion Control with RS422/485 communications interface for programming and control using MCode, a simple mnemonic language for MDrive products.
This product offers a choice of eight 24 VDC multifunction programmable I/O points + two TTL high speed clock I/O points, or four 24 VDC I/O with TTL inputs for a remote encoder for following or reading off-shaft differential encoder
Holding torque range oz-in (N-cm): 18…36 (13 … 25)
I/O connector options: Wire Crimp
Com connector: Wire Crimp


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